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     Valley of Springfield Officers 2023 - 2024

Paul L. Wiesman 
Thrice Potent Master
Sangamo Lodge of Perfection

Deputy Master   Andrew J. Mays
Senior Warden  Evon L. Dionne
Junior Warden  Kyle Koestner
Orator  Christian R. Kennedy
C of G  



Steven M. Zoelzer

Most Wise Master

Chapter of Rose Croix


Senior Warden  Charles Matoseian HGA

Junior Warden Charles John D. Loscher

Orator  Chase Willhelm

Master of Ceremonies Michael Washington



Michael S. Kapshandy
Sovereign Prince
Council Princes of Jerusalem
High Priest  Jesse D. Kamees
Senior Warden  Joseph H. Bartley
Junior Warden  George D. Kamees
Master of Ceremonies  


David MacDonna, 33, MSA


Springfield Consistory


1st Lieutenant Commander  Matthew D. Erley 33, MSA

2nd Lieutenant Commander David A. Kelm 33, MSA,

Orator Matthew R. Stolz, MSA, HGA

C of G L H Buddy Parker, MSA

Gerry L. Williams, 33, MSA              Fraternal Secretary
Gerry L. Willaims, 33,MSA               Executive Secretary 
Tom Kissell                                    Treasurer 
David MacDonna, III, 33, MSA        Deputy's Representative
Benny L. Grisham, 33,                    Active Emeritus
Gregory L. Clark, 33                       Deputy for Illinois
G. Nicholas Graff, 33                       Active
Anthony R. Cracco, 33                     Active
Craig A. Kennedy, 33                       Active
Henry A. Haisch, 33                         Active

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