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The Valley of Springfield's Childrens Learning Center was established to provide dyslexic children with specialized one-on-one tutoring, enabling them to cope with deficits in reading and writing. While dyslexia cannot be cured, it can be treated. The Children's Dyslexia Centers are situated throughout the 15-state jurisdiction.  Students are accepted into the Centers' program at no charge to their parents nor to any schools from which they are referred. Applications are not judged on the basis of economic status, race, religion, or Masonic affiliation.




New Computers in Every Tutoring Room


Thanks to a generous donation from a Valley of Springfield member, we are getting new computers in the Center!  Not only will tutors be able to plan and write their lessons and prepare materials for remediation, the students will be albe to utilize available online resources applicable to the phonology and morphology they are learning.  We are very thankful !




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