2018 - 2019 Valley of Springfield Scholarship Recipients

Health Care Scholarship winners.jpg

Health Care Scholars

Lydia Albertine, Cameron Applet, Lindsay Beers, JenniferBoyd, Emily Broeker, Bailey Buckles,

Audrey Casey, Nicole Cowin, Karmyn Cox, Tyler Gallion, Kasey Harris, Michael Hrabak, Taylor Inman, Brooklyn Jewsbury,  Brandon Leonard, Grace Markwell, Cady Moore, Kayla Moore, Madison Moore,

Elliott Neal, Karlie Odam, Kirsten Parr, Annika Penk, Page Phelps, Morgan Powers, Darina Redshaw,

Melanie Reynolds, Clayton Skelton, Grace Skelton, Madison Snow, Janek Squibb, Loryn VanHoos,

Peyton Wagner, Mallory Westrick, Kristina Whitney, Ashleigh Wulf, 



Grand Lodge Scholars

Taylor Funk, Taylor Hancock, Dwight Nichols, McKenzie Nichols, Madison Ruiz, Dana Stalets, Presented by

RW Senior Grand Warden Michael E. Jackson

Abbott Scholars

Lindsay Downing, Sara Graber, Kodi Smith 

Kresin Scholarship

Kyle Campbell 


Perkins Scholarship

Bryn Kelm

The Valley of Springfield awarded more than $54,000.00 in scholarship's from the Scottish Rite along with an additional $12,000.00 on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Illinois. These scholarships help support 47 students - 10 of which are new recipients and the others are renewals.


This year for the first time, Valley Representatives participated in award ceremonies and events in the high schools of our new scholarship winnners. Valley members presenting the awards also told the audience about other Scottish Rite charities.


The Illinois Scottish Rite provides over $500,000 in scholarships each year to students across the state.


If you have any questions about the scholarship program, please contact Steve Scaife at 217-787-8496.